Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here is a list of the projects for the Super Saturday on November 8th.  Just CLICK on the picture to see a bigger photo!

Don't fret about ANY of them--they are ALL designed to be easy enough that anyone can make them.  We will put together kits that will include everything you need, even if you've never done this type of project before!

If you would like a different quote or a different color of vinyl, just let me know on your order form!

You need to get an order form from Church or I can give you one.  Please make payments to Sarah d'Evegnee by Sunday, October 26th.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of the projects!

12x12 Tile with Elder Holland Quote : $6.50

Hair Bow Hanger : $4.00  

Hair Bows or Daisy Clip : $1.50

If you would like to paint the wood a different color and have different paper to mod-podge, just let me know!

Blessings Card with Envelope : .25

Large Sign with President Monson Quote : $7.50

Again, you can paint this in a different color and use black lettering--just let me know on your order form!

Recipe Holder with 3 Magnets : $7.00

Small Believe Sign : $3.00

Name and Established Sign : $25.00


12x12 Tile with Romans 8:28 : $6.50

Desserts Glass Block : $9.00

Bottle-cap Magnets (set of 4) : $3.00

Snowflake Card and envelope : .25

Grandma's Glass Block : $9.00

Hanging Birthday Chart : $8.00

I have the COOLEST tool that makes this a breeze!  Don't let it intimidate you--it was so fun to put together!

Thanksgiving Daily Glass Frame : $4.00
(You can do this with or without the matting--like the next example)

Pray Always Glass Frame : $4.00
(You can do this with the matting--like the previous example)

Child of God Wood Block with name : $4.00

Wreath card and Envelope : .50

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MaijaBlog said...

So how many of these can one realistically do in one "Super Saturday"?