Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get to Know Janeese Summers!

1) How did you meet your husband?
I was attending Ricks college, and John had just graduated from University of Utah. He had just started working for a company in Rigby, and was looking for some pictures for their catalog. He asked Scott Wood, a professor of mine at the time if he had any pictures of the Tetons that he could use. My major was Recreation Education, and I had taken several pictures in these classes and gave them to Scott Wood. He told John that he had lots of pictures, but he would have to ask this girl if it was okay if he used them. Then he asked him if he was married. And John said, No. And then He said, Well you better ask her out. He asked me out on a date, before he asked for the pictures, and we were married 6 months later.

2) What is your favorite meal to eat?
Anything I don't have to cook.
Just kidding, I love Pasta and Chicken

3) What is something about you that would come as a "surprise?"
I love Karaoke
4) If you had an hour of "free time" what would you do?
Take a nap. It's been several years since I had one of those.
5) What would you like the sisters in the ward to know about you?
I love spending time in the outdoors with family and friends. I enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, running, camping, pretty much any outside activity. I 'm looking forward to getting to know the sisters in the ward better.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

YW Sing Sacred Songs

Posted by YW 2nd Counselor/RS Liaison to YW 
Sis. Maija-Liisa Adams
The Young Women's value for August is Integrity and tonight the Young Women culminated the month with a Joint (Laurels, Mia Maids and Beehives) Activity at the BYU Idaho botanical gardens. As organizer Mia Maid President Marlowe Hayes summarized tonight, "We sang hymns and felt the spirit and then we had cheese and crackers and grapes and also ate this ice cream cake (see recipe below). Then we had a spiritual thought and walked around for a minute."  She also shared her testimony of the power of music to bring the spirit into our lives. 

Some of the hymns we sang included, "As Sisters In Zion", "I Am a Child of  God", "If I Could Hie to Kolob" and "Come, Come Ye Saints".  Beehive Secretary Katriina Adams  commented, "I liked how it sounded when we were singing because it sounded really pretty and we were altogether and I liked looking at the pretty flowers."              

YW Secretary Sis. Sharon De Mourdaunt took pictures for us and we hope you enjoy seeing them.  Mia Maid Advisor Jann Johnson and her Laurel daughter Laura serenaded us on the guitar and violin respectively with such
numbers as "Angeline the Baker" and others while we ate.  We enjoyed Laurel Advisor Sis. Mary Brown's  refreshing "Ice Cream Sandwich Cake" so much we thought we'd share the recipe with you too.

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

10 ice cream sandwiches
1 jar chocolate fudge sauce
caramel syrup
1 (20 0z.) Cool Whip (real whipping cream separates)
1 Heath or Skor bar, crushed
Layer ice cream sandwiches in the bottom of a 9X13 inch pan (you might have to cut one to make it fit.) Pour entire jar of fudge sauce over sandwiches and spread evenly. Drizzle thin layer of caramel syrup over the chocolate. Spread Cool Whip. Sprinkle candy bar over top (the candy bar is easier to crush if frozen first). Freeze.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get to Know Molly Rose!

Molly Rose is a new sister in our ward who just moved here from Twin Falls with her husband, Jason,  and her 4 kids : Noah (9), Charlotte (7), Robert (5), and Clara (3).   Molly is an Idaho native, having grown up on a dairy farm in Preston with her 7 brothers and sisters. 
Molly met her husband when they were both attending Utah State. One day when Jason was making cinnamon rolls and needed some vanilla, a mutual friend was sure Molly would have some because of her love of baking. . . and the rest is sweet history!  (Let this be a lesson to all the young men out there who think they don't need to learn to cook!)  They were married two weeks after graduation.  Molly got her degree in History/Political Science with a minor in Latin.  
Molly loves reading, hiking, and camping, and if she could go on a vacation anywhere in the world, she would choose Greece because of its beautiful landscape and architecture.  
We're so glad you're in the ward, Molly!  Welcome to our neighborhood!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hubbies Night Out @ Relief Society Recipe Exchange

Submitted by Maija-Liisa:
Husbands were heard saying, "It was fun to be in a group that continues on after the ward was split." "The food was really good and it was nice to be with the people responsible for new things on our menu." " I like getting out to mingle as husbands and wives when I've heard my wife talk about it for a months now and told her, the men should have a night out too."
Recipes were exchanged and tasted in the setting of the Fullmer's big, beautiful backyard for Yummy Baked "Bean-Thing", Cheesy Artichoke Dip, Creamy Tortilla Pie, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Craisins Salad, Sesame Noodles with Chicken, Strawberry  Spinach Salad, Rolls, Manti BBQ Turkey, Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps, Salmon, Ribs, Pork, and Swedish Berry Cream Dessert Soup.  Thanks Konda and Rex and thanks Sarah for typing up all the recipes and distributing them to us.  If you didn't share your recipe yet, please email it to Sarah, as she will include it with next month's recipes.  Thanks to each of you who came!

Recipe Party

THANK YOU to Konda for hosting our Recipe Party on Thursday night!  I wanted to post Maria Thomas' recipe.  It was the hit of the evening!

Swedish Berry Cream Dessert Soup

1 quart berries (straw, rasp, goose, blackberries or currants)
3 cups water
3/4 cup sugar
2 TBSP potato flour or corn starch

Clean berries. Bring water to a boil, add berries and sugar and boil several minutes. Mix potato flour with small amount cold water, stir in and bring again to boiling point. Cool covered and serve with cream or milk.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Women's Pull on the Handcart Trek by Maija-Liisa Adams

Tuesday, those on the youth trek at "Six Crossings" met an unexpected visitor along the trail.  An officer from the US Government stopped by camp and told the priesthood brethren they were being called up to fight in the Mexican War.  This isn't exactly what happened in real life as in it's not the time of the Mormon Battalion, but it's used on the Trek to underscore the fact that many women were left alone to finish the trek as their fathers, husbands, and brothers died along the way. 
He told them, "You have exactly one minute to say goodbye to your loved ones!" Sister Stephanie all decked out in her sunbonnet and self made pioneer dress, kisses her husband goodbye as others also said goodbye to their loved ones. 

The men we hear, had a talk about womanhood and sang "Ye Elders of Israel (Men) - Hymns #319". 

As sisters, we also discussed sisterhood and then sang, "As Sisters in Zion (Women) - #309", which was written by Emily H. Woodmansee, a member of the handcart company who came to Zion with her sister. Sis. Hayes did such a fantastic job arranging all of these stories that were told along the way.   If you want to hear the music or read the words, go to

Now it was up to us to push and pull our 9 handcarts up the hill. It's the first major hill we'd encountered along our 16 mile trek.  The carts each held approximately 9-10 buckets at near 17 lbs. each and then 2 water coolers and 1 food cooler.  There we 4-5  of us with each handcart. 

At the top of the hill we suddenly came upon the brethren waiting for us.  And although this picture doesn't depict it, they had their hats off and were waiting on either side as we pushed on through them.  The men and boys said it was the hardest thing they'd ever done to just watch us.  They were told to ALWAYS help a woman in need.  There were many tears in both men and women's eyes.  The Women's Pull was one of the highlights of the trek.  Feel free to post comments or ask questions about the trek. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

     Hello, Ladies of the Rolling Hills Variety!

I just wanted to thank everyone for filling our Enrichment surveys over the past couple of weeks! If you haven't filled one out, and would still like to share your two-cents worth, please either e-mail me at or put your comments here!

THANK YOU to Penny Hughes for spiffing up our blog and giving it a GORGEOUS make-over! She's an absolute guru at this inter-web thing all of the kids are using! :)

We'll be having a 
RECIPE PARTY at Konda Fullmer's house 
       on August 14th at 7 PM
The theme is BBQ/Potluck and husbands ARE invited this time. If you haven't been to a Recipe Party before, this just means that you e-mail me a copy of your favorite potluck yummy AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE event and then bring the dazzling dish on the night of the party. Then, at the party, you can stuff yourself silly with everyone's culinary delights and take copies of the recipes home with you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2008

EEEK!  We're still getting ready!  If you've come to take a peek at this blog now, I'm impressed!  You're really with it!  However, we do you need you to realize that we're very much still in-process. . . still doing our hair and make-up, if you will.

All  disclaimers aside. . . (drum-roll please!). . . WELCOME to the first Rolling Hills Relief Society Blog! (Enter harps and trumpets with a grand flourish leading into a rousing chorus of "As Sisters in Zion")

We want this blog to be an easy-access place full of information about the Rolling Hills Ward Relief Society's activities, news, and happenings.  This way, you'll have dates, times, and other need-to-know stuff at your fingertips without even having to pick up the phone.  You can come here in your jammies if you want (much like I am now!) and you don't have to be embarrassed.

If you are a girl who is feeling particularly "bloggy" and can help us implement bells and whistles here, please let me know!