Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sewing 101

Whether you came to sew an apron,

complete an old project

or just visit,

it was an enjoyable night!

Monday, January 19, 2009

There's SNOW Kid-Richment like our Kid-Richment!

Kids of all ages blew into the gym from the cold outside to celebrate the SNOW by drawing pictures of a variety of snow people and animals, playing a "Bundling-up" Relay Race and making SNOW TORTILLAS (recipe follows)! Thanks to Janeese Summers for creating a "storm" of fun and for never "flaking" out!  Please watch the videos at the end of the post to see the kids in action!

Kenzie and Livee Price, Brooke Parkinson, and Eve d'Evegnee draw pictures of snow girls and snow cats.  Here's a list of some of the other "snow-creations": Snow Dinosaur, Snow Monster, Snow Jed, Snow Henry, and Snow Lump.  (Check out the video below to see how we sung about our creations!)

Janeese Summers helps the kids sing "Once there was a Snow Dinosaur" (she's going to be loving that I put this on here!)

Ian and Jann Johnson cutting out their Tortilla Snowflake

Ella and Bailee Jeppsen enjoying the flaky goodness

To make Tortilla Snow-Flakes:
*Use tortillas that are still at room temperature
* Fold tortilla in half and then fold in half again
* Cut out shapes in the same way you would for a snowflake
* Fry tortilla in hot oil in a frying pan for about 1 minute on each side or until lightly browned
* Sprinkle hot tortilla with cinnamon and sugar and enjoy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday to Lola Packer!!!


The most wonderful thing about Lola Packer is her HUGE heart. She cares about and loves everyone in her family and her circle of friends. She grew up on a farm in Marysville, Idaho, about 30 miles north of here and her mother and dad taught their 6 daughters and 1 son how to work really hard. In fact, now that she can slow down a little and relax, she can't seem to do it much. She really seems to enjoy being busy. She loves to cook and makes wonderful treats for everyone. In college, she was a tailoring major and even sewed her husband a suit. She made her son a little leather "buckskin" jacket with the fringe across the back and down the arms when he was going through his cowboy stage around age 3 or so. And she did it all on a little Singer sewing machine that only had one stitch that went forward or backward. All her life she has enjoyed sewing and crocheting, making crafts, reading and gardening. Now, she can pass on her knowledge to direct her daughter and son-in-law in planting a garden this spring here in Idaho....very different from Texas gardening. She is one very talented lady and we are so thankful to be sharing our lives with her. 
-Emily Rowe

A Tribute to Lola Packer
by Sarah d'Evegnee

Several times during my difficult pregnancy last year, I would listen to my answering machine messages and hear a wonderfully cheerful grandmother's voice expressing the desire to bring over cookies or treats for my kids.  That voice!  It was not only maternal and soothing, but it was full of a genuine concern that only comes from a long life of service and empathy for those who are suffering.  Every time I listened to the messages, I was brought to tears because Lola Packer cared enough about me and about my family to look beyond her own health concerns to not just think about me. . . but to ACT for me.  

One of these times as she was handing my husband a plate of cookies and offering him that twinkly smile that only she can give, I could see that he was visibly moved by his interaction with her.  Afterwards, he said to me, "If the world were full of Lola Packers we'd all be translated today."

   Lola makes me want to be more cheerful, even on hard days.  She makes me want to not only think about what people need, but do something for them.  When she stands and bears an unshakable testimony, she makes my testimony more solid, more firm.  Hers is a life that has been lived carefully, deliberately, and joyfully.  She carefully gives all that she can to anyone in her sphere.  She looks around her deliberately to discover who might need something she can offer.  And no matter what challenges she is facing herself, she is joyful--so joyful that it is apparent in her countenance.  Lola Packer is a bright light!

   I want to be more like Lola.  Her example is one that cheers me up, motivates me, and gives me a pattern to follow.  

Lola, we are so grateful you were born!  
We are so grateful for how you live!
We love you!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What would you like to learn, do or improve?

posted by Maija-Liisa Adams
So, Sarah asks us, "What are 3 things you'd like to learn, do or improve before March 2009"? Hmmm . . .  well last night seven sisters offered areas from which to ponder.  Thanks Lori for first reminding us to "See Ourself as God Sees Us".

Then did you get to "See Sue Cook" her creative chicken pizzettes and prepare fishing pole veggies?  Kids will love them!
Oh her pizza smelled so good it was hard for me to keep my "Eye on the Blogger".  

Take advantage of the gazillions of tutorials about Blogging (and anything else you want to learn about) on YouTube

Oh what we "Saw Through Caryn's Camera Lense"!  Thanks for sharing your top 10 digital photography tips and for giving us beginners some hope.  

Most important? 
tip 5 -- adjust the focus. 

Hilary has us "Looking Towards the Future" 
motivated to get our 72 hours kits ready, to grab our Emergency Preparedness Checklist and update our plans today.  
It was fun to discover Dayna, Donna N. and I were all in the Bay Area during the earthquake.  I am so thankful our Homemaking meeting just the night before was on Red Cross earthquake survival tips, which I used the very next day!

Thank you Dayna for encouraging us to "See Our Way Through Winter" 
with many fun indoor activities for our kids or grandkids as well as adults.  

Betty you are an inspiration to us!  Thank you for sharing "Your Healthy Perspective" for weight loss and exercise.  
Eat often,
ask yourself why you want it, 
wait to have it until the next time,
get moving daily, 
pick something you can do forever.  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

ENRICHMENT on Tuesday, January 13th at 6:30!

See a NEW YOU for a NEW YEAR!

Want a new perspective? Looking for a new skill? Hoping to SEE your way into some new friendships? Come to Enrichment on Tuesday, January 13th!

The theme is all about learning to see ourselves and our talents in the way that God would see them.

We'll have mini-classes about:
Seeing Yourself through God's Eyes
Looking at the world through digital photograpy
Gaining a Healthy Perspective about Your Body
Seeing the Dinner Diva in You
and MORE!

Questions? Leave a comment here or contact Lori Wasden or Sarah d'Evegnee