Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2008

EEEK!  We're still getting ready!  If you've come to take a peek at this blog now, I'm impressed!  You're really with it!  However, we do you need you to realize that we're very much still in-process. . . still doing our hair and make-up, if you will.

All  disclaimers aside. . . (drum-roll please!). . . WELCOME to the first Rolling Hills Relief Society Blog! (Enter harps and trumpets with a grand flourish leading into a rousing chorus of "As Sisters in Zion")

We want this blog to be an easy-access place full of information about the Rolling Hills Ward Relief Society's activities, news, and happenings.  This way, you'll have dates, times, and other need-to-know stuff at your fingertips without even having to pick up the phone.  You can come here in your jammies if you want (much like I am now!) and you don't have to be embarrassed.

If you are a girl who is feeling particularly "bloggy" and can help us implement bells and whistles here, please let me know!  


Penny said...

Awesome! this is great. Would you like for me to create a custom blog header for this? check mine out at

Anonymous said...

I love the header you created!
I am excited to see all the talents and possibilities on this blog.

MaijaBlog said...

I'm tickled pink to see our own RS blog especially since I'm now in the YW. Does this mean I can post some of those fun pictures I like to take of the RS sisters here? Smile, you're on "Candid Camera". If so, maybe we should make the blog by email invitation only to those in our RS for privacy's sake?!