Wednesday, August 27, 2008

YW Sing Sacred Songs

Posted by YW 2nd Counselor/RS Liaison to YW 
Sis. Maija-Liisa Adams
The Young Women's value for August is Integrity and tonight the Young Women culminated the month with a Joint (Laurels, Mia Maids and Beehives) Activity at the BYU Idaho botanical gardens. As organizer Mia Maid President Marlowe Hayes summarized tonight, "We sang hymns and felt the spirit and then we had cheese and crackers and grapes and also ate this ice cream cake (see recipe below). Then we had a spiritual thought and walked around for a minute."  She also shared her testimony of the power of music to bring the spirit into our lives. 

Some of the hymns we sang included, "As Sisters In Zion", "I Am a Child of  God", "If I Could Hie to Kolob" and "Come, Come Ye Saints".  Beehive Secretary Katriina Adams  commented, "I liked how it sounded when we were singing because it sounded really pretty and we were altogether and I liked looking at the pretty flowers."              

YW Secretary Sis. Sharon De Mourdaunt took pictures for us and we hope you enjoy seeing them.  Mia Maid Advisor Jann Johnson and her Laurel daughter Laura serenaded us on the guitar and violin respectively with such
numbers as "Angeline the Baker" and others while we ate.  We enjoyed Laurel Advisor Sis. Mary Brown's  refreshing "Ice Cream Sandwich Cake" so much we thought we'd share the recipe with you too.

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

10 ice cream sandwiches
1 jar chocolate fudge sauce
caramel syrup
1 (20 0z.) Cool Whip (real whipping cream separates)
1 Heath or Skor bar, crushed
Layer ice cream sandwiches in the bottom of a 9X13 inch pan (you might have to cut one to make it fit.) Pour entire jar of fudge sauce over sandwiches and spread evenly. Drizzle thin layer of caramel syrup over the chocolate. Spread Cool Whip. Sprinkle candy bar over top (the candy bar is easier to crush if frozen first). Freeze.

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