Thursday, December 4, 2008

Many Munched and Mingled

posted by Maija-Liisa Adams
Many thanks for a marvelous "Munch and Mingle" go

1st to Penny for hosting us;

2nd to Lori, our Enrichment Leader and Sarah, our Enrichment Counselor for planning this fun, friendly, festive evening for us and

3rd to each of you who came with munchies and mingled.

and mingled

and munched

and munched

and mingled!

Welcome to the ward!

We look forward to each of your recipes so we can use them in our own family and other festivities so quick -- email them to Sarah! 

What a great kick off to this Christmas season!

So glad you brought your daughters!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Love your festive shirts!

Feel free to reply with a post of your comments about the evening or Christmas wishes:)