Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get to Know Arlene Pixley!

Arlene just joined our wintry wonderland after leaving the California sunshine behind. She says the transition hasn't been quite as difficult as she thought it would be because, "The people here are so nice" (and of course we couldn't agree more!).

She has four children (three of whom are living), and enjoys spending time with family. She also loves doing family history work and can't wait to get a few pointers from our resident experts, Liisa Smith and Chris Leishman (Yes. That was indeed a plug!). Arlene also enjoys reading, writing, and listening to news programs (You thought I was going to say arithmetic, didn't you? I like to keep you on your toes!). She also loves chocolate, but likes to stay fit, so she compromises by letting herself have dark chocolate occasionally. Arlene has lived in California, Utah, and Connecticut, but feels very much at home in Idaho.

Of her twelve grandchildren, three of them are going to BYU-Idaho, so Arlene thought she'd like to be close enough to see them on a regular basis. (Now there's a loving, attentive grandma!) She's living in the Budge's basement and will move into their apartment in April--she has been a long-time friend of Alain's and Donna's and we're so glad to have the chance to become her friends as well! WELCOME TO THE WARD, ARLENE!

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