Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get to Know Krista Flamm!

Krista Flamm just moved into our ward with her husband, Jacob, and their two kids, Kaylie and Aaron. If she has a familiar look about her, it's because she is the grand-daughter of the Fluckigers. In fact, the Flamm family is living in the Fluckiger's house while they are on their mission.
Krista has a kaleidoscope of talents and they just keep coming! Just to give you the tip of the iceberg, she plays the piano and the violin and enjoys sewing and making hair-bows. Krista just opened up an etsy shop selling some wonderfully cute and useful items.
She invented the Bed Bugg, which is a cover for microwaveable heating pads called rice packs for kids. (Her shop address is if you want to take a peek!)
Krista is bright and fun and loves getting to know new people. We are so happy she is in our ward! WELCOME, KRISTA!!!

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