Sunday, January 8, 2012

Living What We Believe
Relief Society Lesson on January 8th
A special thank you goes to Sister Shelly Rigby for her time and efforts to teach us from “Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith” #2. It was very inspiring to see the love George A. Smith had for his neighbors and everyone.
When George Albert Smith was 34 years old he made a list of resolutions that became his personal creed. Brother Bryant S. Hinckley wrote of George Albert Smith: “His religion is not doctrine in cold storage. It is not theory. It means more to him than a beautiful plan to be admired. It is more than a philosophy of life.... His religion must find expression in deeds. It must carry
over into the details of daily life.”
What resolutions do we live in our lives?
What "new resolutions" would we add to our lives?
Shelly then led us in a discussion about what it means to live our religion. How can we show that we live our religion?
Look for the good in others and celebrate and "gossip" about the good things people do. Make sure that we live our religion in the small things--especially for our children to see.
Keep the "Armor of God" on even though we live in a predominately LDS community. Keep trying and help each other.
From the Relief Society History Daughters in My Kingdom, Shelly quoted Sister Julie B. Beck: “Through Relief Society we practice being disciples of Christ. We learn what He would have us learn, we do what He would have us do, and we become what He would have us become.”
Ask yourself--Think of someone you know who has a strong testimony of the gospel. How does that person's life give evidence of his or her testimony? What can you do to give evidence of your testimony?
George Albert Smith: "Now let us examine ourselves. Are we doing as much as we should? And if we are not, let us turn around and do better. If we are doing as we should, if we are reaching out in all directions to do good to the children of our Father, then we will bring to ourselves the blessing of an all wise Father, and we will rejoice in the good that we accomplish here.

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