Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Relief Society Movie--Part One

Here's the movie we spent hours, (days, weeks!) on last year to celebrate the ROLLING HILLS RELIEF SOCIETY! It is definitely worth watching. I found myself reviewing it after midnight when the house was quiet with tears rolling down my cheeks. How I ADORE the sisters in our ward! If you want to watch the whole thing, you'll have to watch part one and then part two (the file was too big for blogger to upload all of it)

Enjoy the movie! I just LOVE listening to the wit and wisdom of the sisters in our ward combined with the comfort from our General Relief Society leaders! I also ADORE seeing your faces flash up on the screen! I love our Relief Society!!!! (Too many exclamation points? Probably, but I really mean it!)

I've tinkered with the sound and the background music, so you should be able to see and hear everything (except this time you don't have to watch Jann's comments three times--unless, of course, you want to!)

You can also watch the shorter version without the personal interview clips below.

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