Monday, March 29, 2010

We Got Some SPRING in Our Step at Kid-Richment!

Kid-Richment is a time for Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters, Babysitters or ANYONE else who wants to come to bring kids to the gym and to RUN, L AUGH, PLAY, and get to know each other! It's also supposed to be a BREAK from the regular routine! We always plan games, crafts, and a potluck lunch! We'd love to see you next time!

The small (but VERY cute) group that came to March's Kid-Richment enjoyed a thrilling indoor romp through all things SPRING! We came in from the drizzly outdoors and felt a little sunshine as we watched the kids RUN FREE without coats! (To watch the video clips just click on the arrow in the left hand bottom corner of the movie box.)

We made Edible Easter Birds' Nests:

To make these at home, you just need:
Whipped Cream
Jelly Beans
Coconut colored green with food coloring (which you don't see here because Marie ate it all!)

BALLOON RACES! (I've never seen anyone run with so little space between their chubby feet and the ground!)

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Hilary said...

it was our loss to miss what looked like the party of the year!