Wednesday, April 29, 2009

COUPON SITES and Information from Stephanie Fay's Enrichment Class!

THANK YOU for a fun, informative Enrichment!  THANK YOU to all of the teachers, to Deby and Dawn for the Humanitarian Project, to Lori Wasden, and to everyone who brought munchies!  If you would like to do more work on the puppets, please contact Deby Leishman.

I'll be posting the information from one of our classes each day this week!  Today I'll post information from Stephanie's class about "Coupon Comfort" as well as the directions for the Hooded Towels!

Tomorrow I'll post the recipes from the Taster's Table!

Coupon Sites:

These are all good recourses on good coupons and "How to" including coupons sites.

Ways to be Thrifty:
• Study a copy of “One for the Money” by Elder Ashton
• LIVE ON LESS THAN YOU MAKE! Have Self Discipline
• Create a budget
• Only have a credit card for emergencies and/or have money set aside for emergencies
• Budget together
• Budget for future expenses, i.e. Christmas fund, vacation fund, family fun account, birthdays, give yourself an allowance
• Put tax return into savings
• Invest in your retirement account (time is money)
• Pay with cash/save and then buy
• Separate needs from wants

Cutting back in the home: Painless ways of saving $100’s a year

• Shop yard sales to decorate your house, children’s clothes, etc.
• Buy for Christmas at a thrift store, or shop year round for Christmas gifts
• Cut your family’s hair
• Make your own repairs
• Get a Library card for books, children’s preschool packs, and movies for free!
• Vacations: what’s in your own “backyard”?
• Have either a cell phone or a land line
• To exercise, run, bike, or get workout videos instead of a $35/month gym membership
• Have parents/friends record your favorite shows, or rent them instead of having cable.
• Organize your own preschool with other moms in your area
• Pull back on the video games, toys for kids, etc. There is a trend in excessiveness

Date Night

• Go to Dollar movie or rent videos
• Go on free dates by trading babysitting and/or put date night into your budget
• Be creative
• Create a dating Jar full of fun things to do, i.e. taking pictures, watching the sunset, having a picnic, etc.

• Own a car within your means
• Pay cash for a car, or at least pay off quickly.
• Change your own car fluids/repairs

• Check your electricity plan, on-off track is about 7¢/minute during the day vs. 2¢ per minute at night
• Do laundry, dishwasher, showers, etc. during off peak (cheaper) hours. Usually between 10 pm and 8 am
• Lower the heat in your house in the winter (below 72º F), higher in summer (above 76º F)
• Teach the kids to turn off the lights/water
• Find a rental or home that fits within your income

Cutting back in the closet
• Use hand-me-downs for kids or buy used clothes at stores like DI or “Once Upon a Child”
• Use cloth diapers
• Invest in a sewing machine. Learn to sew and mend
• Stain remover formula: 5 cup boiling water, ¼ cup dishwasher powder, ½ cup Clorox 2 , soak stained clothes for 5 days in an open bucket. It’s like buying your own new clothes
• Shop sales! Buy one get one free and split the cost with a friend or shop the year before for seasonal clothes

Cutting back in the Kitchen
• Buy a chest freezer
• Make a big meal, freeze half = two meals
• Shop once a month for most groceries and then buy perishables once a week
• Buy bulk, shop the case lot sales
• Use and rotate food storage, refill as you use it. Buy it on sale
• Make everything from scratch (rolls, pancakes, pie, etc)
• Drink ½ powdered milk, ½ real milk—save about $40 a month for 6 member family
• Pack a lunch instead of eating out. If spent $5 a day 5 days a week, you’ll spend $1,300 a year
• Don’t throw out leftovers, eat them for lunch or freeze them
• When go out to eat share an entrée, saves money and eat healthier portions
• Butcher own meat i.e. buy bone in chicken and de-bone at home before freezing.
• Plant a garden, invest in canning supplies (as easy as jars and a big pot)
• Compare grocery stores
• Buy Generic brands
• Reduce soda consumption
• Plan a monthly menu
• Coupon Shop


SueHexem said...

That was fun making the puppets. I just have a quick question for Penny, "Got Milk?????"

Penny Hughes, Founding Consultant with Heritage Makers said...

Uh, er, um, ugh, I don't even know how to answer that one Sue! You got me!

That was such a fun night with everyone -- I am going to miss you all so much!