Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Instructions for Hooded Towels

    Directions for a Hooded Towel

1. You need one bath towel and one hand towel (not a wash cloth). Get 
nice, thick, soft ones.
2. Cut the hand towel in half. Make sure if there is a design you have that in the part you cut out. (At this point you can embellish your hand towel with rick-rack, ribbon, or decorative fabric.) 

3.  Fold about a 1-2 inch "hem" on the finished edge of the towel and sew it down.  
4. Next, fold the hand towel right sides together with the sides you cut touching each other. Stitch the side you cut closed.
5. Now form a “triangle” with the hood with the seam you just sewed facing you. Sew a straight stitch about 3 inches down from the point of your triangle. Cut off the piece of the towel above the line you sewed (it will look like a small triangle). (This is the wrong side of the hood--or "inside out."  Turn it "right side in" before you sew the hood on to the towel.)

6. Fold your towel in half and put a pin in place (where the hood goes) so you know where the center is. Mark about 4" from the middle on both sides of the towel (it doesn’t have to be exact). Take that point and bring it into the middle and pin in place. Do the other side. It should look like this: Close-up view. You will be sewing through 3 layers.  From the right side, it looks like a pleat.

7. Take your hood and turn it right side out.  Match up the center of the back of the towel with the center of the back of the hood. 

8. Pin hood to the towel and sew the hood on. I usually do a straight stitch through all layers and then go back and zig zag stitch for added strength.

Voila!  My kids love using these--even the older ones!

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