Monday, September 8, 2008

Service Auction LUAU TOMORROW-- Tuesday, September 9th!

Come at to Service Paradise as we savor a Tropical Feast, then enjoy a Service Auction of Sisterhood! 

Get ready for Hawaiian haystacks, kalua pork, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and pina colada pie. . . (sigh of satisfaction). . . and then  you'll get to know other sisters through our service auction!!!

Let me give a few answers to some questions that have come up:

1) If you've signed up to bring a food item, just bring it a few minutes early and set it on the buffet table.  THANK YOU for helping!!!  We are starting at 6:30 p.m.!!

2) You don't have to auction something to come!  We just want YOU there!

3) Feel free to dress up in your festive island attire, or just come in what you feel like wearing!  It's up to YOU!!!  

4) When you come to the Luau, you'll have a card to fill out for your auction at your place-setting.

5) Can't think of what to offer at the auction?  Here. . . let me help!

Think of a talent or skill you have and then turn it into an item or act of SERVICE to "auction" at our Service Auction Luau.  Sisters will then be able to "win" the item or the act with POINTS they earn at Enrichment that night!

6) You can BRING an item to auction off or you can auction off a "service" that the winner will get at a later date (you and the winner can decide when).

Here are some ideas to get you started: 
Bring cookies, bread, treats, crafts, scrapbook pages, a fun themed basket filled with goodies, giftcards, or other items you think another sister would like.  Auction off your TIME by offering to teach a lesson, tutor a son or daughter, do dishes or laundry or mending, paint a room, be an exercise partner, scrub a floor, kitchen or bathroom, take someone out to lunch etc. etc. etc.

You can create an auction out of ANYTHING you think another sister might like.  Think of how this will help you get to know each other!

Tomorrow night  we will also be starting a service project to help 4 families in our community for the holidays.

So. . . please join us for LOTS of fun, feasting, and friendship!

Feel free to ask questions or give ideas on the blog or e-mail



MaijaBlog said...

We are looking for shells, coconuts, nets, grass skirts, flamingos, tiki, bamboo or grass looking items to decorate our round and long serving tables with for our Service Luau with.

If you have something you are willing to contribute, post a comment here or call or email me.


Audrey and Geoffery said...

Sorry I didn't see a time, what time is it at? Thanks!