Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sisters Really "Serve'd Up" Monster Sized Waves of Service

Flown in straight from the islands, Hawaiian Dan, our Auctioneer asked us, "Who'll give me 50, now 55. . . Lindsey!  YOU should bid on this. . . 
now 60, now back to you with 65, now 70

oh now I hear 100, 150, 200. . .  Just how many points do you have?. . . okay, going once, twice, sold to . . ." (THANKS, Daniel!  You were the perfect auctioneer!)

Sister Lola had the most points to bid with.  Just how many grandchildren and great grandchildren does she have?  
Sister Marian offered a most daring service of "an hour driving with your teenager, in your car".

Items that sent multiple waves of 'serv'ice bidding included: 
book, 2 books, tape & book, peach jam, raspberry jam, cherry jelly, cherry pancake syrup, Sunday chocolate dessert, lemon bars, 2 doz cinnamon rolls, 1 month FHE treats, monthly dessert 'til 2009, 2 dozen sugar filled chocolate chip cookies, dozen cinnamon rolls, 2 doz rolls/piano lesson, YW apple pie, 12 ears of corn, bushel of fresh apples, Halloween basket, cooking bowl, free rose when you least expect it
double dates
walk & talk, lunch out, double date to Chiz's, lunch date, free lunch in Rexburg, lunch at Gringo's, lunch of your choice, temple session & lunch,   
babysitting, 3 hours of babysiting, 3 hours child care, temple babysitting,
photography sitting, 2 photo sittings, digital photo lesson, photoshop session, 1 hour of digital photograph organization, 2 hour computer time, Christmas cards, wrapping all your Christmas presents, bookbinding/mat/laminating, 1 hour housekeeping, 1 hour of any service, help tutor or edit English paper, mending, cross stitch project, custom designed clothing piece, crochet lessons, sewing & quilting, 
Oh! and the 1 hour "wedding" oops!  "weeding" Penny offered:).

Mahalo for what you contributed to an evening in paradise.  We are excited to have the 'serv'ice teams who will 'serve' 4 local families at Christmas.  If you weren't able to be put on a team last night, please make a comment here and we'll make sure you get a team!  Stay tuned for more details . . .


Penny said...

Wow, what fun! This was great and I'd like to say that this should be an annual Rolling Hills event!

Daniel was wonderfully entertaining and the food was great. I love you all!

MaijaBlog said...

Hey, this auction has been great. I may not have won the walk and talk with Konda, but it inspired one with Caryn, Shelly and I this morning.

Debbie has already scheduled her hour of cleaning for me:)

And just now Sue just brought over the biggest, yummiest cinnamon rolls -- mmm mmm good!

Konda said...

I loved the service auction. I hope we do it again next year!!
Great job on the reporting, too.