Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Upcoming Activities!

Legacy Lunch : Thursday, Sep. 18th at Noon
                            at Jean Hope's house.  Potluck Lunch.
                         Theme : Elementary School Years

Kid-Richment : Monday, September 22nd at 10:00 AM
                         This is for mom, grandma's, aunts, day-care providers,
                        and any kids you have at home!  We'll have activities, 
                         games, and a small craft.
                         We'll meet in the gym at the Church.
                         Bring one item for a potluck lunch for the kids

Quarterly Birthday Lunch: Tuesday, September 23rd at Noon at the 
                                       Church.  This is for our July, August, 
                                       and September birthdays!

Recipe Party : Thursday, September 25th 
                      at the Gilbert's house (678 Wheatland Dr)
                          The theme is Asian Recipes.  
                       Please e-mail your recipes to
                            by the 10 AM the day of the party (at the verrrrry latest)

Please ask any questions via e-mail or right here on the blog!  THANKS for your participation and interest and help and. . . . well, everything!

PS Let us know if you have a fun fall floral arrangement (can anyone think a word for "arrangement" that starts with an "f"?) that you'd be willing to share that can grace our RS table for our Sunday lessons.  Thank you!

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