Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get to Know Caryn Esplin!

1) How did you meet your husband?
I met Keith when he moved into my Ricks College FHE group after his mission to Argentina. We kind of recognized each other from high school debate and later we realized we had debated each other four times during his senior year. Luckily, we each won twice! I was dating two of his roommates when he moved into our ward, but he definitely captured my attention right away. We only dated two weeks before he proposed. He hadn’t even kissed me yet. Moving back to Rexburg now is like coming back home. Our new theme song is that oldy... “Right back where we started from.”

2) What is your favorite meal to eat?
I just love pizza and pasta, so the Craigo’s buffet is my favorite place to go out. Stir fry and dessert crepes is my favorite meal to eat in. Gourmet cooking is my favorite hobby, next to photography and Photoshop.

3) What is something about you that would come as a "surprise?"
Before teaching at BYU-Idaho, I was the Idaho PTA lobbyist where I authored state legislation to reduce teenage smoking. It turned out to be a huge battle with Big Tobacco, but it was a rewarding and worthwhile experience. I was very pregnant with our Zoe (now 10) which turned out to be an advantage I had not planned on. That government experience catapulted me into our local school board, where I served for three, very long years. I felt much more comfortable to start a teaching career in 2003 on the campus that I grew to love as a young adult. I am so glad to no longer have to commute from Blackfoot.

4) If you had an hour of "free time" what would you do?
Ah, I just love a nice long soak in the tub with candles, bubbles, a good book, and a tall, icy Fresca.

5) What would you like the sisters in the ward to know about you?
I am so grateful for the warm welcome everyone in the ward has extended to us. Thank you! We already feel so comfortable... almost as if we have been here for much longer than two months.

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